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Mission of Love work at Pine Ridge Reservation

Mission of Love began our work on the Pine Ridge Native American Indian Reservation in 1996.  I would sent trailers of AID and food for our First Native Americans every six months.  In 1998, I decided to take a few friends and visit Wounded Knee, S.D.

While visiting the memorial site of Wounded Knee, I met Gary and Kathy.   We immediately knew that we had something to do together to help the Lakota Families so I asked what we, as the Mission  of LOVE building team could do to help the Wounded Knee community.  Gary requested that we help to build a community building in Wounded Knee, S.D.  A promise was made and within  a few months our Mission of LOVE building volunteer team arrived with building material, tools, paint, hope and love.  The Lakota community came together to pray and work with us daily.  Our Mission of Love Family was now part of the Lakota Families. 

There are no words to describe what I felt when I witnessed first hand the suffering of what these Lakota families had to go through on a daily basis just to survive. How could this be in America?  Pine Ridge Native American Indian Reservation was and is worse than any third world that I had visited.  After hearing and seeing first hand the plight of our indigenous,  I felt committed to do whatever I could to keep the Lakota traditions, language, and culture alive.

Our volunteer work of compassion and love has continued over the years.  Lakota homes, schools, hospices, greenhouses, educational offices, Chamber of Commerce buildings, and much more have been built by our all volunteer Mission of LOVE.

Our grass roots Mission of LOVE has built over thirty homes for the Lakota nation with NO grants or government funding. Let's together continue our Lakota Mission of LOVE for the families in need, ONE Lakota family at a time.

Listen to Leonard Little Finger as he talks about Pineridge & Mission of Love

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"with building of Lakota Sacred Homes, you have Lakota Families, with Lakota Families you have Lakota Community, with Lakota Community you have Lakota Language, Lakota Culture and traditions, and Lakota Spirituality. "

Kathleen Price
Mission of Love / Founder - Director 1989

"YOU are not here to save the world but are here to touch the hands that are within your reach."


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"In the short time they were here with me, they altered the course of my destiny and changed how I view the world. The Mission of Love is a group of life changers at the most basic sense of the words. The idea that someone may come to help and their consideration was just enough to spark the hope that it would happen. This is to thank Kathleen Price and her “priceless” spirit, “can do” attitude and her volunteers. The Mission of Love restored faith, hope, strength and courage.
Sandra Byrd

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"We are very thankful and appreciate the help and assistance you have given to us in continuing the construction of our Community House at Kiza Park. With all of the plumbing and electrical work, we are now in the modern times! No more outhouse and no more hauling water!"
Debra White Plume

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Wilma Thin Elk

"In the last five years the Mission of Love and their stalwait friend Rusty Puckett have provided us with a Roots and Shoots office, tools and equipment, and now they've helped us finish the greenhouse and farmers market building, thus fulfilling dreams of ours."

Jason Schock and Patricia Hammond

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"It is with true generosity and organization and people working together that good things happen, we all know that we need good things to happen in this land of 85% unemployment, inadequate housing and medical care, high youth suicide rates, high diabetes sickness, etc.

We wish to say "Wopila" (thank you)."

Alex White Plum 

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"It has been such an inspiration since you came. Miracles do come true when you are around. All the donations you have brought is Christmas day to my family and I, may God bless you and all the donors who helped us with all our everyday needs and essentials. This winter my family and I won’t freeze." 
Harry Yazzie Jr. and Family 

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"There is NO word to describe how appreciative we are to the Mission of Love Foundation in building homes in our Pine Ridge Reservation and elsewhere." 
Joe American Horse 

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"My heart is so overwhelmed with JOY and l owe all this to Kathy Price and the Mission of Love.

My family and I won't freeze this winter - because Kathy Price made this all happen. I want to thank her, all of the Mission of Love workers and all the local people who helped me.

Thank you Kathy, for not only getting me a home, but giving back my self-esteem. I guarantee you that you will see me along with Kathy Price and the Mission of Love helping other families." 
Harry Yazzie Jr. 

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"I am in the process of getting my prosthetic legs and very anxious and happy ~ my prayers have been answered, thanks to Kathy and the Mission of Love. Know that without these things happening this week, I do not know where I would be today. I just want to take this time to really, really thank the Great Spirit and Kathy Price and the Mission of Love for everything that they have done for my family and me." 
Kevin Poor Bear 

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"As I offer my Wopila-thanks, these thoughts cross my mind. For you, Kathleen, and the all the volunteers who come on your Mission of Love, expressing the wholeness of Tunkasila, and his desire for mankind's help to one another with unconditional service.  Truly God-Tunkasila, holds your hand as you journey through life, hand in hand.  The purity of your work is the way God,Tunkasila intended all mankind to do from the very beginning of Creation, and I am a recipient of this wonderful work that has been accomplished in such a short time." 
Richard Broken Nose 

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"Mission of Love was here on the REZ doing touch ups on the Lakota Circle Village School, so when the fire happened I called Kathy and she and the Mission of Love volunteers came right out to see us.

Kathy left a few days later and started working immediately on our house plans and began gathering things to replace what we had lost. I will always be so thankful for all the help and hard work that they put into making this possible for our family."
Mary Fast Wolf 

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"I really believe that you were sent into my life and others to show us the true meaning of love and help. you made me realize that people do care about each other and that thru belief and hard work we can help each other. you are a blessing as i said an angel in disguise who asks for nothing but gives everything. thank you mission of love for helping me get one step closer to my dream to bulid a home for a family."
Victorio Camp
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Listen to Jane Goodall talk about partnering with the Mission of Love

Jane Goodall and Kathy Price

Jane Goodall and Mission of Love Founder, Kathleen Price


"I am richer for this experience. I too want to thank Kathleen and her staff and everyone involved with The Mission of Love Foundation.

Looking into the eyes of the little ones....I'll miss them when I leave, but their pictures I'll have Great memories like dust covered chimes.."
Richie Plass

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"We would like to formally request your assistance and guidance to bring our nursing students to the Pine Ridge reservation this spring. Without your help this trip would be extremely difficult, or very possibly would not occur. We have worked in the past with you and the Mission of Love and loved the opportunities that you provided for the students and faculty.

You are a wonderful example for what one person can accomplish, and I want my students to know you and work with you. We have worked extremely well in the past, and you serve as a mentor for me as I begin to plan national and international community nursing service."

Mary Lou Ferranto MSN, CNP
Program Coordinator of the BSN Program, Kent State University

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Lakota Mission of LOVE Pine Ridge, S.D.2012 Lakota Mission of LOVE Pine Ridge, S.D.

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"YOU are not here to save the world but are here to touch the hands that are within your reach."