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The Mission of Love organization, since incipience 1989, has been able to help the poor of third world countries, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the Hurricane victims through it's airlifts and truck transports of medical supplies, clothes, school supplies, building supplies, and emergency vehicles. But this is only a band aid to a much larger issue. Mission of Love, is very much aware there is a long term objective to our relief effort. From the beginning, 1989 we have striven to help the worlds poor but we have been mindful that our efforts are a drop in the ocean if matched against the poverty and need amongst the disenfranchised of the third world countries and on the Indigenous Indian Reservations in America. As an organization, consisting of all volunteers, we recognize the need to empower communities at grass roots level so they can help themselves in the fight against poverty and helplessness.  


It was necessary to first establish this organization as a humanitarian relief operation before we could establish objectives and goals for the organization. Since 1989 Mission of Love has been has shown itself to be an established, viable, and dynamic organization. Essentially, it has evolved as an organization that supports Indigenous efforts at grass roots level. For example: a group of concerned Mayans started a clinic in a community in the Mexico City suburbs where there were no medical facilities for the poor. Having heard of Mission of Love, they turned to the organization to help their efforts and Mission of Love has responded by agreeing to find medical equipment and pharmaceuticals for the clinic. This is fairly typical of the way the Mission of Love initiates it's relief efforts - responding to the need that has been identified by Indigenous people within country who are in touch with the community on a daily basis. Through this process, Mission of Love has developed contact with a network of such people and has developed long term projects and strategies.

Mission of Love believes Indigenous peoples can best identify their most acute needs and identify where infrastructure and support can best improve the community. In addition, Mission of Love recognizes there are some programs important to long term strategic planning for the United States development effort that must be incorporated into their relief efforts. This would include child education, health, homes, schools and preventative medicine.

With these two ingredients, Mission of Love, has a foundation which it can articulate a long term strategy. To use grass roots in -country to identify how the community needs are best met and then to support these initiatives for medical facilities, education facilities, nutritional programs, child survival programs with donations of material and volunteer trainers. The strategy should aim to build into the support, child nutritional, educational, health and survival programs. 


All Donations to  Mission of Love are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.



"YOU are not here to save the world but are here to touch the hands that are within your reach."