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Mission of Love is an all volunteer grassroots organization. Founded in 1989, 100% of donations go to people truly in need of your help.
From Youngstown to the World Fundraiser 

Dear Mission of Love friends,

I would like to share with you our upcoming " From Youngstown to the World " fundraiser that we are having October 6.  We intend to have a evening of friendship and appreciation to all who have been a part of our Mission of Love for the last thirty years.  This year we will be sending our 60th Denton Department of Defense Humanitarian Airlift.  Our Mission of Love Denton's Program has flown millions of pounds of humanitarian aid to five continents of our world. 

In the last year we have built a Lakota Home on the Pine Ridge Native American Indian Reservation, S.D. ~ opened in January a Mission of Love orphanage and elder home in Tecpan, Guatemala, serviced 270 disabled and handicap Mayan Indians of Guatemala with wheel chairs, walkers and therapy, delivered handmade quilts and hope to the fire victims of Gatlinburg, Tennessee with Andrea and Jim Thome, gave surgical intervention to the children of Guatemala who had facial deformities and cleft palates, 80,000 pounds of humanitarian aid was delivered to the Mayan Indians of Guatemala via the Denton Program, a Eagle Scout was awarded a badge for his contribution of humanitarian aid to our Mission of Love, Morgaine did her internship with our Mission of Love via Colorado University, 42 high school students and advisors from Tulsa, Oklahoma  joined our efforts to aid the indigenous Lakota Indians on Pine Ridge Reservation in June with incredible, making plans to open a school and clinic in Uxualtez, Mexico,  thousands of poor were fed, hundreds of children with cancer were tended to, and hundreds of orphans were given basic human rights.  And the list goes on and on.

Mentioned above is just some of what our Mission of Love has done just in the last year.  Our work of love is everyday in every way, unconditionally.

I hope that you can join us October 6 to help our Mission of Love continue to be of service for another year to those who need us.

With love and gratitude,

Kathy Price
Mission of Love Founder


Dear Houston,

Our hearts are breaking for you, and our prayers are being sent to comfort you, keep you safe, and bring you through this incomprehensible flood. 

We will do all that we can to help you, and I know I speak for all our quilter friends who are following the news hour by hour. I have received so many emails and messages asking 'How can I help?' and 'Will the quilt festival still go on?' 

While the search and rescue phase is still happening, the best thing we can all do is to donate money to trustworthy organizations who are on the ground...or should I say in the water...pulling people out of the flood. 

The recovery will be long, for those people who are displaced, who will need help for a long time. We will work with Mission of Love to put together disaster relief, and later....a distribution of comfort quilts. 

For now 
please look at this list I have drawn up, of worthy organizations who will use your donations for those most in need. 

Luana and Paul 

Mission of Love teams up with Andrea & Jim Thome to Donate Quilts to the Victims of Tennessee Wildfires

Kathy Price, Andrea & Jim ThomeAndrea Thome and husband former Cleveland Indians player Jim Thome teamed up with Mission of Love and eQuilter, an online quilting company to send handmade "comfort quilts" to victims of the Tennessee wildfires.
The Thomes and Kathleen Price, founder of Mission of Love, delivered the quilts to the fire victims in February.
Andrea and Jim Thome, and Kathleen Price, along with other Mission of Love volunteers personally took the quilts down to the people in Tennessee affected by the fires. Andrea Thome's now-deceased mother was a volunteer for Mission of Love.

Read Article by Mission of Love Volunteer, Becky Spratt. 

Watch Video of Mission of Love Trip to Tennessee

Medical Mission March 2017

Read Erin Ward's Letter on her experience volunteering with the March 2017 Medical Mission to Guatemala.

Also, read Becky Spratt's Letter about the March 2017 Mission of Love Medical Mission to Guatemala.

September 2016 Mission of Love Rehabilitation Medical Mission 

The September 2016 Mission of Love Rehabilitation medical mission to Tecpan Guatemala was a resounding success. Mission of Love was able to assemble a team of volunteers from all major disciplines which operate acute rehab hospitals in the United States. An acute rehabilitation hospital delivers the most advanced rehab care available in the country. Our all volunteer team of physician, therapists, nurses treated over 270 patients and provided essential rehabilitation services and equipment to the native Mayan population who otherwise have no access to medical or rehabilitation care.

Read the rest of Dr. Winkle's letter ....

Medical Mission May 2016 

Read Bob Price's Letter about the May 2016 Medical Mission


Letter from Kathleen Price - Mission of Love Founder

I AM so thankful to those special people who are in my life who support our Mission of Love, uplift me, comfort me and bring joy to my soul in order to bring joy to others in need.
As this year comes to a close I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the hundreds of volunteers, contributors, and benefactors who have made our 2016 a year of Blessings for thousands of orphans, disabled, elderly, disfigured, homeless, sick, hungry, and poor of Guatemala and the Pine Ridge Native American Indian Reservation. YES, together WE have touched the hands and hearts that were within our reach and have found that the best way to find ourselves is to lose ourselves in the service of others.
In 2016:

  • we built homes were build for the homeless,
  • 36 intense surgeries were completed on children with cleft lip/ pallet deformities,
  • a first fire truck for the native Americans was delivered to Kyle, South Dakota,
  • 90,000 pounds of humanitarian AID was delivered on our 58TH C5 Denton Cargo plane to Guatemala,
  • a van was donated to a Native American family who had no transportation and a father disabled,
  • AID was transported to Standing Rock Native American Indian Reservation,
  • two hundred thirty disabled patients were given wheelchairs, therapy and hope,
  • beds were given to children with cerebral palsy who had none and were sleeping on the dirt floor,
  • Tuitions were given to children in need of a education
  • and sadly, a funeral was arranged for a child.

This month we are sending to Guatemala:

  • a handicap bus,
  • an ambulance,
  • 15,000 pounds of corn
  • thousands of pounds of medical, educational, and AID via the Denton Program / United States Department of Defense.

Our Mission of Love is everyday in every way collecting, sorting, palletizing, and networking ALL in order to service the poorest of the poor indigenous of our world.
Thank you for being part of our international Mission of Love.  YOU are not here to save the world but are in this world to touch the hearts and hands that are within your reach. 

See some pictures of our work below.

Kathleen Price
Mission of Love Founder 

2016 Guatemala Mission

2016 Guatemala Mission 

You can contribute to our missions of love via Pay Pal by clicking on the Donate button below, or if you prefer, you can send your tax-deductible contribution to the address listed below. :


If you would prefer, you can also send your tax-deductible contribution to the address listed below.

Mission of Love
2054 Hemlock Court
Austintown, Ohio 44515

Any amount, great or small, helps with the cleft palates surgeries that our volunteers do, giving medical care to people who have never seen a doctor, continue to build homes, hospices, schools and clinics, and continue to have the United States Air Force Reserve fly our donations of humanitarian aid to indigenous communities in need. 

The children need your support for our next Mission of Love Guatemala Trip to build a Medical/Dental Clinic and homes for Mayan Families.  Please contact us if you would like to help.

Read about our latest mission at the Pine Ridge Reservation

Jane Goodall and Kathleen Price

"The Mission of Love and our Jane Goodall Institute can work together to bring hope to the young people on the Pine Ridge reservation because those young people need every tiny bit of help they can get. They've had such a raw deal, and it's about time that we begin to do something a little bit more than to feel sorry for them."
  Jane Goodall

Mission of Love ships old fire truck to Indian reservation 

Mission of Love helps Guatemalan aid worker - WATCH VIDEO



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"YOU are not here to save the world but are here to touch the hands that are within your reach."