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How Mission of Love helped the tornado victims of Moore, Oklahoma

Over the years Mission of LOVE has distributed over 10,000 handmade comfort quilts in areas of devastation via tornado’s, earthquakes, war and tsunamis.  These comfort quilts were sent to our Mission of LOVE from complete strangers who responded to our friend and partner, Luana Rubin, owner of is a business on the Internet that sells fabric, quilt material and needed items in order to make these special comfort quilts. When there is destruction from a earthquake or hurricane, Luana will place on her web site a call of compassion to the quilters of the world to respond by making and sending a comfort quilt to Mission of LOVE and in turn, I will open each and every box and repack it in a special bag and we go and distribute them to the people in need.  We have given over 10,000 comfort quilts to the victims of Japan, Katrina, Haiti, Sandy, 911, Pine Ridge Native American Indian Reservation in South Dakota, and the Mayan orphans and cleft palate patients of Guatemala, and now to the tornado victims of Moore, Oklahoma.
Quilts donated to the tornado victims of Moore, OklahomaGuatemala DormI would like to share with you a story about ONE child, Christopher.  Christopher was nine years old suffering from melanoma cancer and Christopher was just given a clean bill of health after years of cancer treatment two weeks prior to the tornado.  Christopher was in school protecting two of his classmates and died of a broken back when the school wall came crushing down, his two classmates survived that he was protecting.

We will be returning to help re-build the homes of the Mothers/ teachers who not only lost their child but also lost their home on that day when all hell broke loose in Moore, Oklahoma, only to find out after the tornado that they had lost their insurance because of a previous hail storm a month prior to the tornado and the insurance company never informed the people of Moore and in the night, left town. 

We are seeking donations of money in order to purchase building supplies in Oklahoma and have our Mission of LOVE building team arrive to rebuild together Sacred Homes for those in need.

With sincere gratitude and love,
Kathleen Price

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"YOU are not here to save the world but are here to touch the hands that are within your reach."

Sue and Kathy packaging the 400 comfort quilts Arrival from Ohio to Oklahoma

Sue and Kathy packaging the 400 comfort quilts made by quilters from the United States, England and Switzerland to be hand delivered to the mothers who lost a child, teachers who saved the students, and those who lost a home in Moore, Oklahoma due to the worst tornado in history.


When Karen and Kathy arrived from Ohio to Oklahoma with our Comfort Quilts, we were met be Mayor Tim Kerner, Chris Robert from Lafitte, Louisiana and Mayor Glenn Lewis.  We began making our plans to distribute the quilts at Moore City Hall. 


"I would like to express not only my appreciation, but the appreciation of the many Moore, Oklahoma tornado victims.  You came from far away to share your love and concern and the warmth of your beautiful quilts.

Because of your organizations love for others, I feel God planted a seed in this family's life that they will always remember." 

Moore City Hall

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"Thank you for the beautiful quilts I received today. My daughter loves hers and I am blessed that you made me take one as well. This tornado has been hard for me, since I am not used to being on the receiving end, I am used to being a giver, so it has been hard for me to accept things. But I am blessed by the love we have been shown during this time.

NaTasha Pendleton

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"Thank you for your love and support.  The quilts will replace the ones we  lost from our parents, grandparents and great grandparents.  They will help us fill the void in our homes and in our hearts."   

Danni Dunn-Legg

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"Thanks again for your help and for your efforts to bring happiness and comfort to people who need it so badly right now."

Arianna Pickard 

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"My humble thanks to all of you who rushed to send your comfort quilts for the people of Moore, Oklahoma. Your love and caring is an amazing gift of selfless generosity for these families who have lost so much."

Luana Rubin

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"YOU are not here to save the world but are here to touch the hands that are within your reach."