How Mission of Love helped the people of Honduras

In 1998 Mission of Love began our work in Honduras when the country was hit by Hurricane Mitch. 
A phone call came from  Angie at Casa Guatemala Orphanage stating that No AID was getting into Honduras after the hurricane.  Angie is from Honduras and most of her family were living there when the hurricane destroyed most of Honduras.  She was well aware of our work with the Denton Program because of the AID that we had sent to Casa Guatemala Orphanage in Guatemala and called me to see if we could obtain and transport any and everything for the Honduran people in need. I agreed and started the process of submitting an application to the Denton Program to send Mission of Love Aid via an United States Air Force Reserve cargo planes.

Honduran Children in needOur Denton AID was the first to arrive into the Mesquite Indian community where they were literally digging in the dirt to salvage any kind of food that they could for their children. 

Our Denton Aid arrived by plane and transferred onto helicopter to be able to get to the remote jungle areas to service the families in need. Julio Galdemez was our consignee and made sure that our Mission of LOVE AID got to where it needed to go.  Julio is Angie's son. 
To this day I am told that the Mesquite Indians join their hands and form a triangle and reach towards the stars thanking the Mission of Love for saving their Mesquite Indian Communities.
Many Denton Mission of Love Airlifts have taken place since that call from Angie to help her people in Honduras.  Thousands of pounds of educational, medical, food, building supplies, including three ambulances have been sent by our Denton Mission of Love.  Our Mission of Love work continues in Honduras via Julio and the United states Denton Program. 

"YOU are not here to save the world but are here to touch the hands that are within your reach."

Distributing much needed clothing Honduran Children

The Honduran Moms are so happy with the donation of the children's clothes.


The "Children" ~ God's most precious gift to us. 


"From this tragedy happened to our country where Hurricane Mitch destroyed much of our infrastructure and where thousands of our compatriots, the poorest and most needy in our Honduras, the presence of aid from Mission of Love has been invaluable, help is has remained constant for these thousands of Hondurans who require a helping hand and found Mission of Love an open heart and solidarity with the needs of the most disadvantaged.
Thanks Kathy for the help that since 1998 we have been receiving, gives us much hope and reafirms our view that the world and especially the United States of America, there are many friends of our country.

Julio Antonio Galdámez

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February 15, 2008

The Mission of Love Foundation is sending their 45th airlift out of the 910Th Air wing of the United States Air Force Reserve Unit in  Vienna, Ohio Friday, February 15, 2008. This humanitarian effort by many people, is to furnish and supply the basic needs of life to this one hospital in the entire province of  Honduras........

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Mission continues as another airlift takes off

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“910th Airlift Wing to conduct 45th
Mission of Love on Friday”

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"YOU are not here to save the world but are here to touch the hands that are within your reach."