Denton Humanitarian AID will be delivered from Mission of Love and the 910 TH Air Wing to Guatemala City , Guatemala
Friday, March 7, 2014

Mission of Love, Austintown Ohio will have a Denton Airlift consisting of an ambulance, school bus and 13,000 pounds of corn to Guatemala City, Guatemala Friday, March 7, 2014.

Where:  Youngstown Air Reserve Station, King Graves Road, Vienna, Ohio
Time:  March 7, 2014 11:30AM

The C5 Hercules Cargo plane will arrive @ 11:30 AM from Westover, Ma. The crew from the 910 TH will load the priceless Cargo immediately upon arrival.

Purpose:  The gift of the bus will be a vessel to have the Mayan Indian Children obtain an education, where the only access to attending a school is by walking for miles.
The gift of the ambulance will be a way of transportation for the Mayan Indian sick to be transported to the closest hospital, which is fifty minutes away.

When we were in Tecpan, Guatemala, October 2013, while servicing the Maya with medical care, we witnessed some very ill Mayan mothers who were in need of transportation to the hospital to have surgery. The only way that they could be transported in the government ambulance was to pay $15 for gasoline. The Mayan people do not have $15 and cannot be treated if they do not arrive to the hospital via a ambulance.  The WAY-bi / Mission of LOVE volunteers paid for the transportation of Susane to the hospital only to find out that this major hospital had NO blood analysis equipment, nor an ultrasound. The patient had to go outside of the hospital to privately owned clinics to have these much needed tests done in order to evaluate her illness, and pay for these services. Susane is alive today and has had her needed surgery only because of our intervention. Her children will now have a healthy Mom to care for them.

The gift of 13.000 pounds of corn will feed thousands of Mayan Indians via their daily substance of corn torteas, in which the Maya’s cook on hot rocks, they have no stoves. In the past, a man walked for miles to meet us and ask for a donation of corn for his starving family. Know that he cried when obtaining 100 pounds of corn. We did give him a ride home to his village.

Mission of Love Medical team of volunteers were in Guatemala City, Metropolitan Hospital January 18 – 26, 2014 servicing twenty three children who were in need of expertise surgery dealing with jaw deformities, cleft palates, cleft lip.
Mission of Love building team has just returned from WAY-bi, Feb. 14-22, 2014 where the Mayan Ruins of Iximche are in Guatemala, and where the new Mayan Indian Clinic and dental building has been built via the Mission of LOVE / WAY-bi volunteers, in conjunction with the children's hospice.
Our Mission of LOVE continues on a daily basis to service the Indigenous Mayan Indians because of so many wonderful people who want to contribute to building Mayan Indian Community, one Community at a time. For more information about this history making, yet another Denton Mission of Love Airlift for our friends of Tecpan, Guatemala contact Kathleen Price

Education – Health – Nutrition via our Mission of Love for the Indigenous Mayan Indians of Guatemala

Mission of Love Airlift to Guatemala

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