Guatemala Medical Mission with Dr. Rick
The Children Need Your Help

Dear Friend:

I am asking for your support for a very special project. Some of you may have received this request last year, and I truly appreciate the overwhelming support that allowed this project to be so successful for our 2012 medical mission trip.

Dr. Rick and patientI will lead the team of volunteer doctors (including 2-3 other oral and maxillofacial surgeons) and assistants in 2014. This will be the third year of doing these surgeries on the children in need. From January 18-26 of 2014, a completely volunteer medical mission sponsored by “Mission of Love” will care for as many as 50 young individuals with cleft lip, cleft palates, and other related facial deformities in Guatemala City, Guatemala.  Some of these families travel 3 days by walking, bus, and whatever means they can to receive care they could not otherwise afford in this impoverished nation in Central America.  These are beautiful, appreciative people who do not complain and truly deserve to have their faces changed to change their lives. The surgeries are performed in a hospital converted from a hardware store, and is lacking in many simple things which we consider absolute necessities in our country.

The team will consist of multiple individuals, including myself who will pay their own way.  We are not asking for help for us personally.  However, the cost of medical equipment and supplies, drugs, anesthesia medications, local nursing staff, feeding and housing patients and their families, etc. is substantial, and I truly would appreciate any financial aid you are willing to supply.  Cindy and I will personally match any donation of each $50 with $10 up to a total donation of $60,000 combined (i.e., $50/$10, $1,000/$200).  This will not only assist this facial surgery project, but related projects in Guatemala and other areas (including the US) supported by Mission of Love.  These projects include an orphanage, completion of the children’s hospice project and seeing-eye dogs all in Guatemala. In addition, it will support a Native American Housing Project in South Dakota and other projects to assist other indigenous people throughout the world. 

Please scroll down and view the photo gallery of our most recent Medical trip to Guatemala or watch one of the videos of past trips. 

If you would be so kind as to let me know if you donate, and the amount, we will be sure to match your donation appropriately.  In addition, please feel free to forward this email on to others to help the cause.

Little Girl Needing SurgeryIf you prefer to send a donation via mail instead of using PayPal, please send to:
Mission of Love
2054 Hemlock Court
Youngstown, OH  44515

ALL donations are tax deductible and our 501 3C number tax exempt number is 34-179-1626.

Sincerely yours,

Richard E. Scheetz, Jr., DDS, MS







All Donations to the Mission of Love are TAX DEDUCTIBLE


"I thank God for meeting people as good as you.

On behalf of the Chirijuyu village, the men, women and children of the different communities in the municipality of Tecpan, Guatemala I deeply appreciate the assistance provided by Mission of Love." 
Paula Lopez

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God has provided me the opportunity to meet many good hearted people; people who have left their countries to help the forgotten, the sick, the mistreated, the abandoned, and those with physical defects.

Thank you God, thank you Mission of Love for allowing me to be part of this family. I believe that there are no words to describe how thankful I feel for all that you have done in my country."

Axel Giovani Satuye Mena

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"In my name, Doctor Arturo Cazali, Pediatrician and on behalf of all medical and paramedical staff of Metropolitan Hospital in Guatemala, we would like to extend our appreciation for the selfless assistance given to Guatemalan children with congenital defects aesthetic problems of the type Labis cleft palate.

It was an honor for the Metropolitan Hospital to provide the infrastructure facilities."

Dr. Arturo Cazali 

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All Donations to  Mission of Love are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.



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